Pawfect for my teeth ?

Destroying toys, cords, etc NO MORE ❌??

Thanks to Organic Himalayan Dog Chew ? 


Let me reveal the secret to uninterrupted online classes that even your doggo will thank you for!⬇️

Introducing Mochi’s new favorite treat from @biowoofph ‼️His most favorite part of his Yak chew treat is he can play and eat it at the same time! Plus, it’ all organic so it’s very safe to his sensitive tummy. ?


momma gots her wine, i gots my cheese ??


Temchu mommy for the new leash and temchu @/daddy for my dog chew!!❤ Longer ngatngatan ahead ? Uhm is the box edible too? Nyehehehe


Just out here in my crate enjoying my @biowoofph chew


My new favorite “ngatngatin”
No more chewing of furnitures, slippers and scrunchies! ?
Thank you @organicdogchew @biowoofph ?


My Organic Himalayan dog chew from @biowoofph has finally arrived! It is completely natural, has a lot of protein, and will help to strengthen my teeth. My soon-to-be-dogtor hoomum was busy studying, so having something to chew while she was busy was a good distraction for me, too.


i chewz this day to show the things i likes to chew!

?︎?︎?︎?︎ ?︎?︎?︎?︎

? in queso emergency da pawrents likes to grab dis cheesy chew
? i also likes to grab dis – swipe ? for evidence
? dis is smol but terrible (just like me!)

?︎?︎?︎?︎?︎ ?︎?︎?︎?︎?︎
? ingredients: yak (not yuck at all) milk, salt, lime juice
? non-gmo + no added preservatives
? comes in 3 sizes, mine is smol and i get 3 cheesy sticks in one box


my favorite chew has arrived. thank you@himalayanchew ?


You love your chew, Baby Arthur? ?‍?❤️


My hooman said that #organicdogchew is good for my teeth. I guess she’s right! ?


Fun treatos! Nom nom noms ?


Happy Chews-day! ??

Thank you @organicyakchews for sending this to me. I got to try this yummy yak chew! ?


Oh mi gosh!!! im hekin bamboozled!! Swipe ➡️ furriends to see how amazing @biowoofph Organic himalayan chew!! now i domt need to do dental cleaning.. yet!! -Tofu