Why go Organic with Primary Dog Chews?

It is common knowledge that organic food is more nutritious and eco-friendly than conventional food, but did you know that going organic with primary dog chews has many benefits too?

Organic primary dog chews are not only good for your furry friend but the environment as well. That’s why more health and eco-conscious pet owners are making the big switch.

Here are some reasons to help convince you to join the organic dog chews movement today:

  1. Organic primary dog chews are good for your pet’s digestive system. As per Veterinarians.org, one of the first benefits you’ll see when your dog goes organic is improved digestion. Organic food is less likely to contain harmful additives like food dye and preservatives. These ingredients don’t improve primary dog food’s taste and may be difficult for your dog to digest.
  1. Organic primary dog chews can improve skin conditions and allergies. A study revealed that eating organic food can reduce the risk of allergic disease. The same principle applies to your canine buddies. Your dog may have a sensitive reaction to the chemical additives and toxic pesticides in conventional primary dog chews. Removing these elements in your dog’s diet reduces their chances of getting an allergic reaction.
  1. Organic primary dog chews promote a healthy weight. Is your dog overweight or, worse, obese? Consider switching your pet to organic food. Organic food doesn’t contain bulk fillers, which means your dog doesn’t have to overeat to feel full. Plus, prevention is better than cure, and you can spare yourself from the complications of obesity by switching your dog to a healthy organic diet.
  1. Organic primary dog chews can increase your pet’s energy level. Your dog needs the right amount of nutrition to conduct daily activities with ease. Organic primary dog chews will give your pet the fuel it needs to run around and play with you and your family. How? Organic ingredients contain more significant amounts of nutrient-dense calories.
  1. Organic primary dog chews are good for the environment. If you’re concerned about the future generation’s food and textile needs, you should support companies that practice sustainable agriculture. Organic primary dog chews like Biowoof Dog Chew uses organic farming techniques. You’re reassured that the food your pets eat won’t compromise the food security of future furry friends.

These reasons mentioned above are only some of the factors why more pet owners are joining the organic movement. Given the limited primary dog chews options in the market, you may think you’d have to import organic food to give your furry pets the best nutrition. However, there’s an organic primary dog chews brand in the country more and more pet owners are raving about.

Biowoof Dog Chew is a 100% natural eco-friendly primary dog chew brand that will transform your dog’s diet today. Made with no preservatives, Biowoof Dog Chew is high in protein and 100% gluten-free and grain-free. It also helps your dog’s teeth and gums remain strong and healthy. Hence, you give your best furry friend the best quality food it deserves.

Made using the authentic Himalayan recipe from the mountains of Nepal, our long-lasting dog chew consists of only three ingredients: Yak Milk, Salt & Lime Juice. You can relax knowing your buddy gets to eat something healthy yet easily digestible through Biowoof Dog Chew, given our all-natural ingredients.

Plus, all our dog chews are hand cleaned, hand-cut & hand-inspected, and the cheese for the treat comes from free-range yaks. We make sure every product is developed with the best care possible. Our offerings are made with no compromises because we believe your dog deserves only the best.

No matter how big or small your dog is, Biowoof Dog Chew has a product that’s ideal for its size. Our products range from Small Size, Medium Size to Large Size Dog Chew Packs. You can check our food guide to determine the best product for your dog.

        You can purchase our products from our licensed distributors nationwide. If you’re interested in getting more pet parents to join the organic food movement, you can join our list of distributors today.

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