Leaders Behind Biowoof

Biowoof Dog Chew is spearheaded by the husband and wife tandem of Mr. Suav Zuwa and Ms. Sheilla Mae Manto. The pair banded together to provide pet owners across the Philippines with high-quality, eco-friendly, and delicious dog chews.

Ms. Sheilla Mae Manto

Ms. Manto is the co-founder of BioWoof Dog Chew. Aside from leading the company’s operations, she is also the President of Zuwa Enterprises Inc., a company that specializes in skincare products. Before she ventured onto the business world, Ms. Manto had spent years in the business process outsourcing industry (BPO), where she worked for one of the biggest BPO companies in the country.

Because she is a registered nurse, Ms. Manto has realized the value of giving pets the most nutritious and delicious food. Since she moved to Nepal in 2017, she has become more aware of holistic living. Thus, she has made it her mission to help more Filipinos give their pets eco-friendly, healthy, yet mouthwatering food.

Mr. Suav Zuwa

Meanwhile, Mr. Zuwa is a doctor-in-training. He met Ms. Manto in the Philippines, where he is currently pursuing his studies at Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine, Inc. Despite his goal of being a doctor, Mr. Zuwa has always been interested in the unlimited possibilities of e-commerce. Hence, he has opened various companies, including Zuwacosmetic LLC USA and Zuwa enterprises PVT. LTD Nepal.

Initially, Mr. Zuwa focused on his skincare brand. His training and tenure in Nepal then exposed him to the value of holistic living. He now leads different business endeavors with his wife while educating Filipinos on the importance of organic food for pets.

Since 2021, Mr. Zuwa and Ms. Manto have partnered with various pet food distributors across the Philippines. The couple also managed the import, export, and distribution of Biowoof Dog Chews in the country. As Biowoof Dog Chews continues to grow, the pair plans to spread the significance of eco-friendly living for pets to more Filipinos.